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The Herstory Studio is a Black-woman-owned modern heirloom brand committed to making rarified art accessible. Online and at local pop-ups, we sell a thoughtfully curated collection of antique replicas, handmade stationery, and custom classroom resources that highlight the presence of Black & Brown women in global art history.

Our modern heirlooms and little luxuries evoke a sense of nostalgia for a more thorough memory of the past. A past that isn’t shrouded in oppression but offers glimmers of beauty, hope, and purpose.

As a writer and creative, I’m passionate about connecting historical perspectives with personal narratives. So, I opened The Herstory Studio, to serve the neglected demographic of collectors who— like me— long for antique art of WOC.

Curating and creating,

Rachel Jarvis, M.F.A.

Owner, Herstory Buff





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studio Collection

Explore the art herstory below!

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Portrait of a Young [Caribbean] Woman

Artist unknown, c. 1751


Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO


Simon Maris, c. 1906

Oil on canvas

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


Albert Eckhout, c. 1641

Oil on canvas

National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Fanny Eaton

Joanna Boyce Wells, c. 1861

Oil on paper/linen

Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT

Market Woman

Thomas Waterman, c. 1858

Oil on canvas

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California, USA.

Joanna de Silva

William Wood, c. 1792

Oil on canvas

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Portrait of a Young Black Woman

Workshop of Govaert Flinck, c. 1650

Oil on canvas

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

Personification of Africa

Rosalba Carriera, c. 1720


Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, NYC

Lady with Qin [Table]

Artist unknown, 19th C.

Oil on canvas

Private collector

Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Turban

Eugène Delacroix, c. 1827

Oil on canvas

Dallas Museum of Art

Lady Hoja, Consort of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong Emperor

Giuseppe Castiglione (郞世寧), c. 1760

Oil on canvas

National Palace Museuem, Taipei


Jan Brouwer, c. 1652-1688

Mezzotint engraving

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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Brooklyn Museum pop-up shop

Handmade greeting cards

“Isabella” (Simon Maris, 1906) in a hand-gilded frame

Stickers a.k.a. mini modern heirlooms!


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